User Space

Access to infrastructures for intensive computing, data processing and automatic learning, of cloud and associated storage is done through a single portal:


This portal also allows you to create an account on our infrastructures.

Any other request can be made through our email tracking tool at or directly via the interface :

The use of resources is based on the notion of project to which each user is attached. Project applications are moderated by scientific and technical validators as they arise.

If you use GRICAD resources, please mention it in the associated publications through the proposed citations.

Scientific governance of GRICAD services

Users have an important role in the scientific steering of GRICAD's services. If you wish to share your needs, remarks, suggestions, exchange with other users, you can contact the user committee .

Project Validators

Any project seeking resources is moderated by validators from the community of the person initiating the project. The list of validators is as follows:

  • MSTIC Applied Maths
    • Christophe Picard, LJK
    • Franck Pérignon, LJK
  • MSTIC Computer Science
    • Olivier Richard, LIG
    • Pierre Neyron, LIG
    • Frédéric Desprez, INRIA
    • Jean-François Scariot, INRIA
  • PEM - Physics
    • Jean-Daniel Dubois, LPMMC
  • PEM - Materials Engineering
    • Marc Fivel, SIMAP
    • Cyrille Bonamy, LEGI
    • Patrick Begou, LEGI
  • PAGE - High Energy Physics
    • Catherine Biscarat, LPSC
    • Jan Stark, LPSC
  • PAGE Astrophysics Geophysics
    • Emmanuel Chaljub, ISTERRE
    • Françoise Roch, OSUG
    • Jean-Noël Bouvier, ISTERRE
  • PAGE - Environment Ecology
    • Wilfried Thuiller, LECA
    • Bruno Bzeznik, GRICAD
  • CBS Chemistry
    • Anne Milet, DCM
    • Pierre Girard, DCM
    • Alain Rivet, CERMAV
  • CBS Health Biology
    • Florent Chuffart, IAB
    • Emmanuel Barbier, GIN
  • Social and Human Sciences
    • Patrick Juen, PACTE
    • Glenn Cougoulat, GRICAD