An original human model

GRICAD is one of the partner structures of the site dynamics on digital infrastructures alongside the Information Systems Department of the institutions, the DSIM (ex-SIMSU), the laboratories and teaching components.

The idea is to pool efforts on tools and common projects.

The infrastructures are thus operated by technical committees composed of people from all this different structures.
This organization promotes proximity with research teams and is a factor of upward in skills of the people involved in the projects.
The involvement of people is recognized through the establishment of mission letters.
Many people are involved in the operation of the infrastructure available on the Grenoble site, both for research and for teaching and administration.

GRICAD members are therefore also involved in the times in services based on its infrastructure and managed by the unit, that in the operation infrastructures managed mainly by the ISD of the UGA.

The joint operational technical committees that are at the heart of this device are:

  • Computing Staff
  • Technical comittee for Openstack
  • Technical comittee for Gitlab
  • Training group
  • Technical comittee for Datacenter
  • Technical comittee for Storage
  • Technical comittee for SPRING
  • Technical comittee for WINTER

GRICAD's internal organization

GRICAD is organized in 3 teams

  • System, in charge of system administration of platforms, their operation and actions of technological monitoring associated with infrastructure;
  • Scientific Computing and development, in charge of supporting users, the training and animation;This team also participates in some research projects in support of scientific computing, artificial intelligence and data engineering issues.
  • Open Science Data Codes and Software, in charge of the coordination of the Cellule Data de l'UGA (CDGA) which offers support to researchers in managing research data, codes and software.
In addition to these technical teams, there are also colleagues in charge of administrative and financial functioning of the structure, of communication and of audio-visual production activities.