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UGA wins an award for the energy efficiency of its data center

14 September 2023

At a ceremony held in Antibes on 4 September 2023, the European Commission's Code of Conduct Datacentres 2023 award was presented to UGA. This year the award recognises six European data centers, including DC-IMAG of UGA.
The Code of Conduct Datacentres was drawn up by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC). It aims to encourage data center operators and owners to adopt best practices to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability.
With successive generations of rooms at the Grenoble Data Center, UGA is implementing a policy to reduce its environmental impact. In 2020, two data centers adopted the Code of Conduct Datacentres approach : the DC-IMAG (UGA) and the DC-GREenER (G-INP). Optimising digital hosting goes hand in hand with the creation of a comprehensive range of shared services and everyone’s responsibility in the use of digital technologies.
The UGA Datacentre Technical Committee monitors the performance and use of the Grenoble datacentre for Academic & Research. GRICAD runs it and its members are representative of the organisations hosting equipment. Its ambitious approach to energy efficiency has now been rewarded.
The next generation of data centre is being planned, GR3@, the GReen GRid GRenoble Alpes. Designated a Regional Data Centre by the Ministry, it will host the digital resources needed to meet the challenges of the future, while controlling its environmental impact.

Café Guix - Managing a virtual infrastructure with GUIX

3 July 2023

5 July 2023 from 1pm to 2pm


This final session of the Cafés Guix will be hosted by Yann Dupont, research engineer at GLICID on this link.
Well known as a software package manager particularly well suited to supporting reproducible experiments, Guix's functionality doesn't stop there. We propose to explore some of the "guix system" commands, which can be used to generate complete operating systems and inject interesting features such as consistency and reproducibility. We will start by writing minimal virtual machines, moving on to more complex deployments, and then explore deployments used in production on the GLiCID mesocentre. We will finish with the dessert and try to generate VMs for exotic hardware architectures.
You will find all the information concerning the "Cafés Guix" here.

Gitlab, the companion for your scientific production: software, data, publications...

23 June 2023

29 June 2023

Marie Curie Amphitheatre at the CNRS in Paris + live feed

A day on Gitlab is being organised by the "Data" inter-network working group of the CNRS Mission for Transversal and Interdisciplinary Initiatives. The aim is to demonstrate the diversity of uses for developing and managing all types of scientific production: software, data and publications.
On this occasion, Pierre-Antoine BOUTTIER will give two presentations :

  • « General introduction to software forges. Gitlab: overview and getting started »
  • « Rex Gitlab & Jupyter notebooks ».
Registration is free but compulsory to access the site. The day will also be broadcast live and recorded.
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