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Café Guix - Guix and the long term: challenges and countermeasures

27 February 2023

6 March 2023 from 1pm to 2pm


This session will be moderated by Simon Tournier, research engineer at the Université Paris Cité and Inserm at the Institut Saint Louis, on this link.
In a context of reproducible research, one of the challenges is the ability to «capture the computational environment» for redeployment or inspection. And so there is an underlying dimension: the passage of time. Servers are no longer reachable, sources are no longer available, etc.
In this Café Guix, we will present the problem, the archiving solution Software Heritage and how Guix is positioned.
Our aim is to introduce the question of «how to do again later and there what has been done today and here ?» and to initiate a discussion around another corollary question: how to quote a software?
You will find all the information concerning the "Cafés Guix" here.

Café Guix : When packing becomes complicated

31 January 2023

21 February 2023 at 1 pm


This session will be hosted by Ludovic Courtès on this link.
To give an idea of what a package is, we usually start by showing a [simple case], that is immediately understandable and reassuring. In reality, it is not uncommon for things to get complicated.
In this session, we will see how to adapt a package definition to specify configuration options or build flags, change [build phases], manipulate source or installed files, reference package dependencies.
We will find again some of the notions discussed in the introduction to the language Scheme of the session of November 29, 2022, for your greatest pleasure. Bonus: you are welcome to bring your own packaging concerns to discuss them!
At the end of this session, 15 minutes will be devoted to your various questions including on topics other than the one presented in this café.
You will find all the information concerning the "Cafés Guix" here.

IT hosting seminar at the DataCentre

09 january 2023

24 january 2023 from 2 to 5 pm

Auditorium IMAG building + streaming

The Datacentre Technical Committee invites you to a seminar on IT hosting in the Grenoble datacentre. This action is part of the commitments we have made for the DC-IMAG and DC-GreenER rooms by adhering to the "Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres": raising the awareness of hosted staff on the application of good practices.
Registration is required to attend the event.
You can find all the information about this event here.

Reproducible Research Seminar of 20/10/2022: video and online support

07 november 2022

The video and the presentation of the seminar by Valérie Orozco "How to improve our practices (data processing, code writing) to move towards (more) reproducible research? Feedback in applied economics". are now online on the the site of the Grenoble Network for Reproducible Research.

How to concretely disseminate your data in the UGA collection of Research Data Gouv?

17 october 2022

29 november 2022 from 1 to 2 pm


Inaugurated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research last July, the platform allows users to search or deposit data sets on a trusted national repository. The challenge is to widely disseminate research results to promote open science and collaboration. This is one of the objectives of the National Open Science Plan.
This system is part of an ecosystem that promotes the sharing and opening of research data and offers different types of support to researchers. In this context, the UGA, which is very involved in Research Data Gouv, has an institutional space accessible to all members of the Grenoble Alpes community by simple authentication.
To open science, participate and deposit your data!
La cellule data Grenoble Alpes is at your disposal to support you in the management of your data. Do not hesitate to contact her at sos-data [at] To inform you about all these topics and show you how to concretely disseminate your data in the UGA collection of Research Data Gouv, she offers a webinar here.

The 2022-2023 season of "Cafés Guix" begins !

12 october 2022

25 october 2022 at 1pm


This first session "Installing and using easily and reproducibly your software with Guix" will be presented by Pierre-Antoine Bouttier (GRICAD) on this link.
If the world of software environments seems difficult to access but you want to conduct your digital experiments in a framework as reproducible as possible, this session is for you.
We will get to know the Guix software environment manager, compared to what you may know, and then we will see, very concretely, how to use it in a few commands, which can be counted on one hand.
You will find all the information concerning the "Cafés Guix" here.