GRICAD is based on two complementary governance structures:

  • a steering committee, composed of the unit's supervisory institutions, to define the unit's strategic orientations
  • a users' committee (COMUT), in charge of the scientific management of the unit's services.

COMUT : GRICAD users' committee

Since 2018, a Users' Committee has been formalised, whose main objective is to ensure the management of infrastructures and services through research.

The COMUT is representative of the needs of the scientific and technical community in Grenoble, its uses and professions. He works very closely with GRICAD.
Its missions are:

  • To bring up uses, needs, deadlocks
  • Redirecting information and services offer
  • Initiate scientific and technical discussions and actions around the forecasts
  • Validate computing and data projects (scientific and technical validation)
  • Promote mutualisation and co-financing, particularly during call for projects campaigns
  • Interact with research hubs, supervisors, funders
  • Be a source of proposals for any point related to research infrastructures
  • Identify and encourage animation and training actions, encourage the development of links between communities, propose actions to broaden the user base

To contact COMUT :

The COMUT is led by an office (members in bold in the tables below).

Composition by research area

PAGE Hub : Particle Physics, Astrophysics, Geosciences, Environment and Ecology

Bernard Boutherin UMS OSUG Catherine Biscarat LPSC Françoise Roch UMS OSUG Jan Stark LPSC
Albanne Lecointre ISTerre Eric Maldonado IRSTEA Emmanuel Chaljub ISTerre Laurent Borgniet IRSTEA
Jean-Noël Bouvier ISTerre Geoffroy Lesur IPAG Sylvain Bigot IGE Wilfried Thuille LECA
Julien Lesommer IGE Mondher Chekki IGE

CBS Hub : Chemistry Biology Health

Alain Rivet CERMAV Alexandre Moreau-Gaudry TIMC-IMAG Anne Milet DCM
Pierre Girard DCM Emmanuel Barbier GIN Florent Chuffart IAB

MSTIC Hub : Mathematics, Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies

Pierre Neyron LIG Georges Quenot LIG Christophe Picard LJK
Nadine Mandran LIG Franck Pérignon LJK Olivier Richard LIG
Jean-Louis Mas LIG

PEM Hub : Physics, engineering, materials

Alain Pasturel SIMAP Cyrille Bonamy LEGI Marc Fivel SIMAP Jean-Louis Barrat LIPHY
Patrick Begou LEGI Emmanuel Roubin 3SR Jacques Desrues 3SR

SHS Hub : Human and Social Sciences

Alan Chauvin LPNC Florence Andreacola GRESEC Eric Guinet LPNC Isabelle Rousset LIDILEM
Laurent Torlay LPNC Thomas Lebarbé LIIT&ARTS

SS Hub : Social Sciences

Pauline Dusseux PACTE Estelle Ployon PACTE Jean-Marc Francony PACTE Paule-Annick Davoine PACTE

Out of UGA research hubs

Thierry Deutsch INAC CEA Bruno Raffin INRIA Julien Thévenon CHUGA Jean-François Scariot INRIA