Data management, design and engineering

GRICAD supports projects in their needs around management, design and data engineering:

  • Data Management Plan, legal issues questions legal, General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Data collection, extraction and curation.
  • Databases, modeling, architecture, workflow.
  • Data mining, visualization, cross-referencing.

Data stewardship committee

GRICAD coordinates the Data Stewardship committee in charge of supporting scientists in the management of their research data.

The sites of our partners on these general issues of open science:

Work on research data

The technologies implemented are available on GRICAD's cloud platform (NOVA). A team is at the disposal of project leaders to help them in their implementation, from the assessment of needs to the provision of tools.

GRICAD can help you to start your massive and/or complex data processing projects by:

  • providing you with one or more virtual machines on the Openstack infrastructure,
  • installing the software stacks he masters on these machines (Elasticseach, Logstash, Kibana, ArangoDB,...),
  • supporting you on the configuration and use of these softwares.
For information, GRICAD is involved in the following projects:
  • PREDIMED to design and deploy a health data warehouse with the CHUGA. The unit's engineers are actively involved in the design of architectures and the development of certain aspects of the project (graphic visualization of identified medical record elements, access portal, etc.). They deployed different solutions based on NoSQL graph and Elastic databases and created displays from Node.js or Kibana.
  • Monitoring of LDAP directory logs in close collaboration with DSIM (ex-SIMSU). This monitoring is also done from the Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) suite.
  • Application of GIS techniques in the field of epidemiology (improvement and implementation of Quad tree algorithms).
One of the objectives of GRICAD engineers in charge of these issues is to create synergies around the sharing of data produced/used by/in different disciplines and research laboratories around different work axes:
  1. Confidentiality, legal innovation, security, GDRP (data acquisition, access security, anonymization, open data,...).
  2. Quality, traceability, life cycle (data cleaning, traceability for different purposes - including reproducibility and justification for publication -, link to data management plans).
  3. Experimental platforms, test environment, DB and GIS technologies, statistical tools, survey specificities, massive web data processing. Query, selective presentation, data enhancement.
  4. Evolution of infrastructures according to needs.

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For more technical questions, you can speak directly to the people in charge of the support of the service concerned.