Towards sustainability

GRICAD is committed to reducing its environmental impact.

As the demand for services increases, both in terms of calculation and data processing, environmental constraints are tightening. Within GRICAD, we have decided to commit ourselves to inform users about the CO2 balance of the services we provide and to work to reduce these impacts without reducing the quality of our services.
A transversal working group has been created for this purpose (GreenCAD), it currently hosts two complementary projects:

  • establishing the unit's CO2 balance (excluding equipment dedicated solely and directly to services), according to the methodology proposed by the Labo1.5 collective .
  • establishing the full CO2 cost of our services using a metric directly usable by the structures (for example, quantity of CO2 emitted per 1 hour of calculation on 1 CPU: CO2e for 1h.cpu) using data provided by EcoInfo and a methodology that we are developing.

Estimated carbon footprint of one hour per computing core

Article available (in french)
This study has several objectives:
  1. develop and propose a specific methodology for assessing the carbon footprint of a digital service (computing)
  2. provide users with an estimate of the carbon footprint of their computations
  3. identify areas for improvement in the GHG reduction perspective for computations
  4. identify the limits and axes methodological improvements.