You can have your servers hosted in the Grenoble datacenter. The Grenoble Datacenter is managed by a technical committee responsible for infrastructure management and evolution. The technical committee has several objectives:

  • Pooling hosting in order to achieve economies of scale
  • Provide a secure environment for all your data
  • Optimize energy consumption
For more details, you can consult the poster (in french). For any information, accommodation request or problem report, send an email

Grenoble Datacenter sites

The Datacenter currently consists of 4 sites located in the Grenoble basin.

  • The IMAG site which is located on the university campus of Saint Martin d'Hères.
  • The GreEn-Er site, which is located on the Grenoble scientific peninsula.
  • Two other rooms which are also located on the university campus of Saint Martin d'Hères.
The two new IMAG and GreEn-ER rooms are secure and energy efficient.
Thanks to the work carried out by the GRICAD/UGA datacenter technical committee, the IMAG building datacenter obtained Code of Conduct certification in 2020 from the European Union's Joint Research Centre (EU-JRC).
Learn more about the Code of Conduct.
New rooms are to open in the coming years, replacing the "old generation" rooms, by expanding the offer of eco-responsible accommodation.

Service offer


Accommodation is a service offered to the Education / Research community of the Grenoble region, whether you are a member of the EPE UGA or outside.
This accommodation is subject to the approval and signature of a charter and may require an agreement according to your institution.
The Datacenter's technical committee will decide where to host your equipment, depending on the available space and the specificities of your request.

Assistance for installation

You are not alone, our teams are there to help you set up your servers, to explain the instructions for installing equipment, connecting to the network, physical access and the security rules to follow.

Supervision and monitoring

Through the supervision and monitoring of the electrical supply, cooling, infrastructure and physical access to the rooms, we offer you a secure environment for your equipment.
The IMAG and GreEn-ER sites have a dedicated on-site maintainer 24/7.

Datacenter Network: SPRING

The SPRING project aims to design, deploy and operate, through a technical committee, a shared SDN infrastructure for the Grenoble Alpes University Datacentre.
It serves as the basis for many projects such as Winter or Summer, and hosts the servers of GRICAD, multiple laboratories, UFR or central services.
If you wish to host a physical or virtual machine in the Grenoble Alpes University datacenter and you need a network and security service provision service; or if you simply want to obtain information about our activities, you can contact them at the following address


For members of EPE UGA, the cost of accommodation infrastructure in the rooms is covered by the institutions.
Your electricity consumption and related services will be your responsibility, except for the IMAG room where the political will of the UGA is to cover the cost of the electricity consumption of its hosted entities. You will find attached the prices of the different services (french).

Procedure for a request for accommodation

For a first request, please contact us by email at After agreement with the technical committee, you will be invited to complete the hosting request for each of your equipment on our online form.