Collaborations and partnerships

UAR GRICAD is part of its ecosystem by developing partnerships at scale:

Local collaborations

GRICAD is based on a very close relationship with Grenoble laboratories through an original human model.
This model is based on shared positions with several laboratories:

In addition to these shared positions, people from several laboratories actively help to operate the shared infrastructures (whether those operated by GRICAD or those operated by other structures on the site, through mission letters established bilaterally between GRICAD and their home laboratory:

The Unit is in very close contact with MaiMoSiNE, Federal Research Structure at the interface of the university and companies whose main mission is to promote multidisciplinary actions in the field of modelling, simulation and intensive computing.
MaiMoSiNE is in particular one of the seven regional platforms selected for the "Local and tailor-made support" component of the SiMSEO project, whose objective is to facilitate access to digital simulation and intensive computing for French SMEs. The SiMSEO program is coordinated nationally by Teratec and Genci. GRICAD supports MaiMoSiNE by providing material resources.

Finally, GRICAD has a privileged partnership with other structures providing digital services on the site:

In addition to these strong collaborations, GRICAD obviously has interactions with all the laboratories on the site that use its services, and also with MACI (Maison de la Création et de l'Innovation) ..

Regional collaborations

At the regional level, GRICAD maintains strong technical relationships with these counterparts, in particular through the CIDRA2 project.

National collaborations

GRICAD is part of the calculation pyramid as a Tier 2 of the Grenoble site. The unit interacts with its Tier 2 counterparts at other sites through various projects, in particular Equip@Meso project.
GRICAD works closely with Tier 1 (national centres, in particular IDRIS and CINES) and GENCI (Grand Equipement National pour le Calcul Intensif).
Finally, the unit also interacts, particularly at the technical level, with other national structures such as:

collaboration with Grid'5000 is very important and has been in existence for many years . This article explains this synergy.