GRICAD Grenoble Alpe Research - Scientific Computing and Data Infrastructure was created on January 1st 2016 to meet the challenges of current scientific needs in intensive computing and data. This support unit is based on a rich history.

GRICAD is supported by CNRS, Grenoble Alpes University, Grenoble Institute of Engineering and INRIA. GRICAD has strong partnerships with all the actors of the site (see partnerships) :

  • research laboratories,
  • information systems departments of the differents institutions,
  • DSIM (ex-SIMSU),
  • teaching components.
GRICAD is involved in infrastructure projects of the site. GRICAD is at the service of the research laboratories and shares with teaching and administration the site's shared datacentres and platforms.

GRICAD pools the skills and expertise available according to an original organizational model:
  • staff attached to the structure,
  • staff from reseach laboratories, shared services and training components. These people are invested on time partial in projects supported by GRICAD.
This organization promotes proximity with the research teams and is a factor in increasing people's skills involved in the projects.