GRICAD Directory

All members of the unit can be reached at and on the reception phone numbers: +33 4 57 42 18 54 or +33 4 57 42 18 53.

Permanent members

Celine Acary-Robert Pierre-Antoine Bouttier Romain Cavagna Mondher Chekki Anthony Defize Jeremy Dubois-Chabert Oliver Henriot Myriam Laurens Antoine Orlandi
Françoise Berthoud Bruno Bzeznik Sylvie Chachay Glenn Cougoulat Yves Delay Nicolas Gibelin Patrick Juen Violaine Louvet Lucy Ruffier-Poupelloz

Non-permanent members

Alexis Arnaud Thomas Coupechoux Anthony Hombiat
Noémie Coupechoux Adam Sanchez